A rise in a unique music group

A cappella group gradually rises in popularity on YouTube


photo courtesy of jameyraynyu.wixsite.com

Story by Amanda Garmon, staff writer

They sing together, voices thick with emotion, composing a profoundness of sound that draws people in as the fascination of the audience is comparable to a magnetic pull. The group’s voices blend together forming soothing harmonies. Each high and low voice sings their own particular part, perfecting all crescendos and decrescendos, creating a beautiful scenery inside audiences’ heads and leaving them in awe.

A cappella is defined as words without a background instrumental; voices without accompaniment. It is pure man-made music. An a cappella group called Voctave, most known on YouTube, has been capturing people’s attention since their formation in 2015. The group originating from the Central Florida area has been recording and performing at countless places. They have even recorded with artists such as Kirstin Maldonado, Mark Lowry and Sandi Patty.

According to a year-old BLEEP Magazine interview of Jamey Ray, “The man behind Voctave,” Voctave branched off from the group called Voices of Liberty who had performed at Epcot in Walt Disney World ever since the park opened. When the group would perform somewhere else, they would be called Liberty Voices.

Ray, who started arranging vocals in college, arranges the vocals for Voctave and he enjoys the control and responsibilty. He hands the group music and the magic begins from there.

A cappella is defined as words without a background instrumental; voices without accompaniment. It is pure man-made music.”

— Garmon

Since 2015, Voctave has uploaded several videos on YouTube including Disney and Christmas songs and medleys, gaining a number of views ranging from 130,000 to 16 million. In each video, every person sings perfectly in unison with a smile, showing that the group enjoys what they do as they produce incredible harmonies.

According to Ray, the group is not interested in touring because they want to stay with their families. The group merely wants to make great music with each other and enjoy their time as they do so.

Voctave has released three successful albums, along with a new one titled Snow coming out this holiday season. Undoubtedly, the group will continue to rise in popularity as they keep up their seemingly effortless way of creating sounds that blow people out of the water.