The long awaited ideal school lunch

Proposed idea of added lines and more selective food choices in the near future


The lines continue to grow as students wait to pick their lunch. The students rushed to the lunch line to get first pick of their food.

Story by Makenzie Hofert, staff writer

The students of Texas High have been ready for new changes involving their school lunch since the moment they first stepped foot into the lunch lines. Crowds of starving teens bust through the cafeteria doors, all to have first pick on their ideal school lunch. 

Once the lines are filled, there’s a high chance that you won’t be getting your food anytime soon. This has created a problematic situation due to the lines being packed until the bell rings for the students to go back to class, and once you hear that high pitched ringing, the food is off limits and can’t be sold to the irritated students that are still waiting.

 There are a variety of options to fix this rising conflict, such as an added lunch line to the cafeteria. An additional line would be very beneficial to us all because you could possibly even out the wait from the other lunch lines that are always, seemingly full. There wouldn’t be as many kids waiting in the same six lines that we have always been provided with. 

Standing up for 15 minutes waiting isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend the majority of lunch. It tends to make students more impatient and aggravated.

With the new freshman class consisting of about 600 students, the lines are packed to the max. The new food truck, provided to the students by Chef Corey House, should be making an appearance soon. Students who pay for their lunch and students with reduced lunch will have new and improved options to choose for their lunch.

Another solution to the problematic lunch arrangement could be a selective food choice from each line. Instead of each line having specific food choices, we could switch out the options every once and awhile for a fresh choice of food. 

For example, the lines are named based on the particular food that they serve every day. The Grill, The Roost, The Courtyard, The Chef’s Corner, and The Wok are the lines that are provided. Some have burgers and sandwiches, a chicken assortment, salads or nachos, pizza, and even Chinese food.

If the lines switched out their menus frequently, the students would be more content and feel as if their selection has grown, which could benefit every single one of us. For instance, we could open a buffet bar,which would be more  appetizing for students, and would allow them to make their own lunch and choose their own toppings for their main course. The Grill could also make an arrangement where some days there’s burgers and sandwiches, while other days there could be tacos or burritos. 

There needs to be more lunch options other than the ones that have always been provided in the years before. Students would have more of a choice and enjoy their lunch more. Normal tends to get boring so it’d be nice to have some change.