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Senior describes story of changes in her life


Photo by Makenzie Hofert

On March 13, 2020, senior Randi Noah had many changes happen in her life all through the course of six months.

Story by Makenzie Hofert, staff writer

Randi tosses the clothes in a bag on her bed ready for the move. She grabs her most valuable items and packs them away for sad storage. 

On March 13, 2020, senior Randi Noah had many changes happen in her life all through the course of six months. It started when school was shut down due to a widespread pandemic which left her in distress. She had to now take care of her siblings at home, since none of them could physically go to school. Online school was hard for Noah, because she had no technology device or Wi-Fi to do her work. She lived in a world full of complications.

Soon after that, family problems began to occur. She left her mother’s due to personal reasons and decided to move in with her friend, senior Mela Love. She didn’t stay there long and almost moved in with her father, but their contact broke soon after. 

“I just moved from house to house without a problem because I was already used to moving so frequently,” Noah said. 

She then moved in with her current boyfriend. He helped her figure out some of her problems with school and released some of her tension. She began to figure some things out by talking with her guidance counselor. She was finally feeling like she was on the right track again.

“Honestly, it was so stressful having to move from one place to another consistently because I felt like I was constantly on the move,” Noah said. 

She hated moving, but it was just what was best for her at that exact moment in time.

“Going from place to place has always had a stressful toll on me because it’s something new each time,” Noah said.

She then moved out of her boyfriend’s house and with her friend, Mary Vill. That’s when she started to struggle with both herself and everything around her. 

“I just felt alone because I missed my brother and sister and even my mom. My life was never simple, but it was always fun. Now, it’s just complicated,” Noah said. 

She didn’t know Vill well to begin with, but they quickly grew close and did everything together over the span of three months.  Nature adventures, consisting of collecting crystals, hiking and curiosity followed but didn’t stay long. She grew wary and began to cling to old memories where she felt happier than she was now. Life began to get harder as the new school year inched closer and closer. She had no idea how she was expected to complete her senior year. Stress began to escalate.

“School has always been a huge stress induced event in my life. I have never understood it which makes me hate it,” Noah said 

When school started up again, she put it aside for a later problem to be solved. She began to stress more and more because she had no way to complete her work. She then decided to move in with senior Makenzie Hofert. She started to get her school back on track, because she now has a hotspot and computer and frequently visits her mom and siblings. 2020 wasn’t off to her best start, but it’s getting on track.