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Sophomore Carrigan Brush dances to a Just Dance video during the Sock Hop. The event was held to raise funds to build a well in Uganda.

Rock your socks off

November 14, 2019

Students hopped out of their regular routine Nov. 5 to enjoy a night of activities, games, food and fun in the name of fundraising and school spirit.  Student Council hosted a Sock Hop to raise money to fund a fourth of a water well in partnership with We Help Two, an organization aimed at further...

Song for a cause

September 6, 2019

Texas High is a school built on traditions. From bacon fry to painting the pit, the student body rallies with each other using the traditions that have been around since before almost anyone currently on campus. The student body can also rally against the loss of a tradition. Such is the case with the affectionately nam...

Soccer held a fundraiser to help pay for traveling expenses throughout this season. Tickets were sold for $100 each.

Drawdown for the goal

November 13, 2018

The Lady Tigers soccer team organized a drawdown fundraiser and banquet on Nov. 6. “We have two traveling tournaments, so the money will be used to help cover the expenses of our hotels and our food,” said coach Hillary Fowler-Cloud. “Obviously we play in the colder months so [the money] will help get...

Sprinting for scholarships

Sprinting for scholarships

November 3, 2017

The fourth annual Dash 4 Cash will take place Saturday at 9 a.m. at the track. The event is hosted by Volunteers In Public Schools to raise money for a scholarship fund for the graduating class. In the past, the event has raised approximately $20,000. This year the event is geared toward sponsorships a...

Sophomores Connor Brooks, Landon Ryden, and Cameron Tartly act out a skit at Student Council's annual dinner theater.

More than dinner and a show

March 2, 2016

Sunday, Student Council performed their 6th annual Dinner Theater production, “The Stars at Night.” The council sold over 500 tickets and raised over $6500. The show was performed in the Performing Arts Center, and dinner was served in the foyer area before the performance. “Dinner Theater was great,” Student Body...

Prom moms hold weekly fundraisers

Prom moms hold weekly fundraisers

February 17, 2016

Cardboard tigers attack the neighborhoods. The smell of brownies fills the hallways. Prom Moms are in a frenzy to raise money for the 2016 Senior Prom. Prom will be held May 14, and Prom Moms have already hosted many fundraisers to raise money for the event including the Prom Drawdown and donation ...

Senior KJ Reid lip sings to the classic song

Dinner Theater leaves crowd ‘On the Edge of Texas’

March 6, 2015

On March 1, StuCo put on their fifth annual dinner theater. Since before Christmas break, students have been planning and rehearsing for "On the Edge of Texas.” Over 500 guests gathered in the cafeteria for the sold out performance and Ta Molly's catering. The packed crowds seemed to enjoy both...

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