Rock your socks off

Student Council raises money to build well in Uganda


Photo by Kaitlyn Rogers

Sophomore Carrigan Brush dances to a Just Dance video during the Sock Hop. The event was held to raise funds to build a well in Uganda.

Story by Anna Grace Jones, editor in chief

Students hopped out of their regular routine Nov. 5 to enjoy a night of activities, games, food and fun in the name of fundraising and school spirit. 

Student Council hosted a Sock Hop to raise money to fund a fourth of a water well in partnership with We Help Two, an organization aimed at furthering a variety of causes. 

“Well, there were two goals for the Sock Hop. One was to unite the school for a global project, and that was where we sell the socks to fund a water well in Africa. We went through We Help Two to do that,” adviser Susan Waldrep said. ”For every package of socks that we sell for $12, six of it goes to the water well. We just send all $12 to the company, and they take care of sending it.” 

Student Council used this event to offer an opportunity for students to gather together and take a break from the stresses of the school year. Students were able to participate in Just Dance, cornhole and other games, as well as eat food provided by council members. 

“Another goal was to just get together and have some fun. It’s that mid to late first semester [period] and football’s winding down,” Waldrep said. ”It was a way to just let everyone have some fun, and I think we met both goals pretty well.”

Freshman and sophomore councils took the lead in planning the Sock Hop. This was their first event to organize and execute from start to finish, and it will prepare themselves for similar experiences in the future. 

“I think we did well because we had a good turnout and raised more than enough money for the well. I do think the event was fun,” sophomore class president Jake McGuire said. “There were lots of games, lots of people showed up and we had food. I think we’ll do it probably every two years depending on what councils we have.”

The event was deemed a success by the committee in charge, and it is one they intend to continue in future years. 

“We decided that we would do new projects for freshmen and sophomores, and I just think they just nailed it,” Waldrep said. “They had a plan together. They executed it well, followed their plan and divided out all the tasks. I think they did a good job.”