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Photo Illustration by Bailey Groom

Self-taught stress relief

March 17, 2020

 A feeling of accomplishment rushes over her body as she finishes the last stitch. Thinking back to when she could barely finish one design, she stares at the embroidery she just completed in awe. Teaching oneself to do something can be difficult at times, but in the end, it is proof of what a pers...

The Gentle Giant

The Gentle Giant

September 6, 2019

The measure of a life is more than years.  It's a mother and three children, crowded around a table, laughing about bologna and syrup sandwiches and crying about the empty car sitting in the backyard.  It’s a phone call to a grandmother who gave him the nickname Famous. It’s the coaches and players w...

Photo courtesy of Allie Graves. Allie Graves wins the title of Miss Texas Outstanding Teen 2019.

Her crowning moment

July 8, 2019

39 contestants, then 12, then five, and then there was one. Senior Allie Graves was given a new life on Friday, June 28. A life she had been waiting on since she was a child.  “I was in the Lone Star princess program, and so I always saw girls get crowned, my mentors were in the [Miss America] Org...

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Hitting the curve

December 5, 2018

After years of dedication and hard work, this senior’s dream has finally paid off. On Nov. 15, senior Chris Lyles signed his letter of intent to play baseball at Southern Arkansas University (SAU). “I’ve been playing baseball ever since I was four years old,” Lyles said. “My dad got me a pla...

Illustration by Victoria Van

Quitters can win too

October 29, 2018

The flag glides out of my opened palm with gentle ease, the silk flying high as my smile widens in its direction. In that moment, I am ecstatic. I found joy in these moments my freshman and sophomore year. I enjoyed being on a team where we worked together to accomplish our goals. However, I wasn...

Senior Connor Brooks shows off one of his favorite looks. Brooks has spent these past four years modifying his style.

My style defines me

May 23, 2018

When “Connor Brooks” is mentioned in a conversation, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is how I dress. I have always taken my style seriously because of the emphasis my parents put on the impression my clothes give to others. Parents love to dress up kids, and my parents always...

It’s going to be a PROM-ising night

It’s going to be a PROM-ising night

April 28, 2016

Long flowing dresses, crisp black tuxes, and luxurious stretch limos are all a part of a night upperclassmen will never want to forget. Texas High will be hosting this year’s long-anticipated prom at the Truman-Arnold Center on May 14. The dance festivities will begin at 8 p.m. and Project Celeb...

Senior Zack Philips pitches in the baseball game against Evangel.

A fractured season

April 4, 2016

As the fastball slams into the catcher’s glove, the pitcher feels pain up and down his arm. But he has to fight through. It’s in the second inning with two outs, and this batter could be the last one. He throws two quick curveballs with gritted teeth and tears forming in his eyes. But the batter str...

Senior Shaleigh Chandler spots one of her students as she prepares to do a back handspring. Chandler plans to become a physical therapist.

Senior Spotlight- Shaleigh Chandler

February 2, 2016

She completes practice, showers and dons her gym outfit. The young, eager faces hang on her every word on how to properly perform a dismount. After saying goodbye to the last of the aspiring gymnasts, senior Shaleigh Chandler goes home to complete her studies for the next school day. Chandler spends ...

Senior Spotlight—Connor Williams

Senior Spotlight—Connor Williams

November 5, 2015

Returning home from a long, hard working day, he begins to think about his schedule for tomorrow.  He wakes up early in the morning, survives school and then goes off to his job, where he runs audio mixers, edits filmed events and edits sermons that will be shown on television. For Senior Connor Williams,...

Senior night pep rally rescheduled

Senior night pep rally rescheduled

October 29, 2015

The senior pep rally that was originally scheduled for Thursday has been moved to Tuesday, Nov. 10. at 6 p.m. in the Tiger Center. Directly after the inside pep rally, the annual bonfire to celebrate making playoffs will take place outside behind the multipurpose building. "The Senior Bonfir...

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