The last one standing

Mollie Johnson prepares for her last high school season


Abby Elliott

Senior Mollie Johnson gets a player from the opposing team out as she slides to first base. Johnson is the only senior returning to the Lady Tiger’s softball team.

Story by Olivia Huckabee, staff writer

As her last season as a Lady Tiger closes in, senior Mollie Johnson steps up to bat as the last senior on her team. Being a senior isn’t easy, but being the only senior amidst her fellow Lady Tigers comes with many responsibilities. She swings, and as usual, hopes she doesn’t miss.

“I feel like this year the expectations are a lot higher for me,” senior Mollie Johnson said. “I am expected to get better grades and encourage my teammates to do their best on and off the field.”

The role Mollie is preparing herself for could possibly be the biggest step in her high school career. This could help her better not only herself, but her teammates as well.

“I am preparing myself just by remembering what the seniors from last year did that helped us grow,” Johnson said. “I am doing my school work, going to all practices, being helpful while not telling everyone what to do, practicing on my own and working to better myself for my school, team and my own future.”

Not only will this help her now, but it will prepare her to begin her college career as a softball player.

“I think this role is going to help push me to continue to work hard and to continue progressing on and off the field,” Johnson said. “I think this will give me a better chance of possibly playing my freshman year of college.”

Not only is Mollie excited for her last season as Lady Tiger, but she eagerly awaits everything that comes along with being part of a team.

“I am very excited to help and watch my teammates grow in their softball abilities,” Johnson said. “I’m ready to make connections with the girls, especially the underclassmen, and grow closer with everyone as a team and a family.”