Time to destress

Find out the best DIY way to relax on a budget

Story by Victoria Van, editor in chief

School is over. Now, there’s time to relax and enjoy your summer vacation. Discover what activity you could do to destress and take your mind off your everyday problems from the year with this quiz.

What is the source of your stress?
a) Work
b) People
c) My procrastination
d) My self doubt

Which DIY seems the most interesting?
a) Desk organizer
b) Room Decor
c) Comfy Blanket
d) Splatter paint art

What is your hobby?
a) Writing
b) Music
c) Taking naps
d) Drawing

What is your must-have essential?
a) Notebook
b) Wallet
c) Messenger bag
d) My phone

What is your favorite breakfast food?
a) Muffin
b) Bacon
c) Pancakes
d) Yogurt

What do you want to make more time for?
a) Traveling to places
b) Catch up on movies/shows
c) Work on my hobbies
d) Time with family

Which scent is most captivating?
a) Chamomile
b) Jasmine
c) Apples
d) Lavender

Where is your hang out spot?
a) A local coffee shop
b) My house
c) Books a Million
d) Target

What is your go-to snack?
a) Granola bar
b) Chips
c) Grapes
d) Goldfish

Mostly A’s: Write down your worries in a journal. This method helps alleviate anxiety hidden in your thoughts and helps release stress. Starting a journal can be daunting, but writing down your thoughts is a therapeutic exercise that is customizable to every individual.

Mostly B’s: Color in a coloring book. There are multiple benefits to coloring since it’s a low-stress activity that anyone of any age can sit back and enjoy. Grab an adult coloring book or go back to the basics and purchase one from your local dollar store and relive your calm childhood memories.

Mostly C’s: Prepare a bath and put on a DIY face mask. DIY face masks are natural and can be tailored to your skin type. Whether you’re looking for simple ingredients or an alternative to expensive face masks, DIYing them is a cheap method that can be utilized any way you want.

Mostly D’s: Create canvas wall art. Creating your own art gives a sense of pride and unleashes creativity you didn’t know you possessed. There’s a variety of different methods you can use: found objects, acrylic paint, etc. Along with this, you can turn on your favorite playlist and have a mini jam session in your art studio.