5 questions with Alex Walker


Photo by unknown

Junior Alex Walker can often be seen playing his guitar at school.

Story by Abigail O'Gorman, Staff Writer

Junior Alex Walker loves nothing more than to strum a melody on his trusty guitar. He enjoys music so much, in fact, that he has started multiple bands and never, ever misses an opportunity to showcase his talents. Whether he’s serenading his fellow students with a groovy tune or promoting his solo project on Facebook, Walker is a songster through and through.

Abigail O’Gorman: So I understand that you’re in some bands. Can you tell me a bit about them?

Alex Walker: Well, I’m in a few different bands. I’ve got a band called Black Delirium, which I started with myself and my friend Chelsee Hardin. I’m the lead guitarist in Brakedown, a heavy metal band. And then I’ve got my solo project, Appalachian Sunset.

AO: Why would you say that music plays such a significant role in your life?

AW: It’s a way of expressing your feelings, it’s a way to let it all out. It’s not just the fun, it’s a relief.

AO: Why and when did you get involved in the musical arts?

AW: It’s always been a part of my life. I’ve always loved music; I’ve always loved singing. When I got older, I started playing an instrument and it sort of progressed from there. It’s a passion.

AO: Besides your band endeavors, what are some other pastimes that you enjoy?

AW: I love messing around with technology and I love running, but it all comes back to music. That’s a big focal point in my life.

AO: Final question: what, in your opinion, is the best flavor of Kool-Aid? (It’s red. Not strawberry, red. Red is the one flavor to rule them all.)

AW: Blue raspberry and lemonade, because blue raspberry is amazing and lemonade is amazing, and when you put them together it’s freakin’ awesome.

AO: WRONG. You have terrible taste.