Mama Asher

New library aide Melinda Asher has a passion for books and helping others


Josh Rostek

Asher enjoys helping students pick out their favorite books.

Story by Molly Crouch, staff writer

A never-ending herd of kids fills her home. A never-ending pile of books fills her desk. A never-ending list of jobs fills her resumé. A never-ending stream of love fills her heart.

Melinda Asher is our newest library aide, the assistant to the librarian. Asher helps students check books “in” and “out,” works with the computers, and tries her best to help with projects. Asher’s love for working with children drove her to applying for the position.

“The job became open, and it was just the ideal hours for me,” said Asher. “I’ve worked with children and adults throughout my career. I just like helping minds develop and watching personalities change over the years.”

Working in a library, Asher is constantly asked about what her favorite book is and jokes that it’s been her most popular question so far. She lists a few well-known books, but one sticks out to her the most.

“Call of the Wild would be one of my all time favorites because it can be read at any age level,” said Asher. “I cannot pick [one] because I go through different phases at different times for different moods. Trying to pick a favorite is impossible because I read on many levels.”

Although Asher spends plenty of her time with her nose in a book, she likes to relax with her family.

“I spend a lot of time with my three boys. Their friends are always over,” said Asher. “In the summer, we’re always at the lake. Water sports, like skiing, tubing, wakeboarding and waterboarding, are some of the things we do.”

After a long career of various occupations in various fields, Asher has finally found a job that suits her family-orientated lifestyle.

“The faculty is so kind and helpful, and I just love working with the children,” said Asher. “I know I’m on the upside of the learning curve right now, and it’s been the perfect fit.”