Crossing oceans

Junior Iselin Jenson talks about her experience at the school compared to Norway


Photo by Ashley Tyson

Story by Anna Graves, co-news editor

She walks through the packed hallways seeming to fit in perfectly. No one realizes that she is actually completely out of her comfort zone. Junior Iselin Jenson is one of Texas High’s foreign exchange students. Jenson is from Norway and is currently adjusting to life in Texarkana.

Tiger Times: What made you move to Texas?

A: Well I did not have a choice. It was just a coincidence. My host family chooses.

TT: How different is Texas from Norway?

A: Oh it’s so different. Not only like, in Texas, but the culture in America. And the food is really different. I’m trying to keep like, the healthy thing. But it’s very much like, cheese. Yeah, it’s quite different.

TT: What do you like about Texas?
A: Well, I like the heat. It’s much warmer here. In my country, it’s very cold. But it can be too hot here sometimes. Like especially at soccer practice. It’s awful. But other than that I like it.

TT: What do you like better about Norway than Texas?
A: The food. I like the food. But that’s probably because that’s what I’m used to.

TT: What do you like and dislike about being a foreign exchange student?

A: I like how much experience I get, and getting to know new people. Also learning english better. I would say like, the negative thing is that I miss my family and friends. That’s what’s hard. But I’m just trying to stay positive, and I’m just looking forward to everything in my future here.