Principal Koenig

Story by Ashlyn Sander, staff writer

New students, new co-workers and a new environment. Sophomore principal Neil Koenig is growing more and more accustomed to the ways of Texas High and how the system works. He is on his second grading period at Texas High and seems to be adjusting just fine.


Tiger Times: Did you come from another school? If so, what school?

Mr. Koenig: Yes, I was at James Bowie for 5 years, then before that I was at Whitehouse ISD for a year.

TT: How is Texas High different from your old school? Is it at all what you were expecting?

K: It’s really different than James Bowie. We only had 200 kids, and it was not as diverse. But as far as expectations, I knew what I was coming into, living in Bowie county. But as far as education, it has many opportunities, more than most schools around here.

TT: Do you have a family?

K: Yes, I have a wife. She teaches at Hooks and one 2-year-old son named Tye.

TT: What is something not many people know about you?

K: I was born in Louisiana. I went to high school and college there, and also did my first year of working at a school there.

TT: What was your high school experience? What type of kid were you?

K:  I had an average high school experience. I was the athlete in high school; not the jock just your average athlete.