Students gather for worship in Christian club


Photo by Israel Arias

Juniors Hoshiki Reyes rest his chin on a student Bible while junior August Welcher looks for scripture during a discussion at a Fellowship of Christian Students meeting.

Story by Jillian Cheney, staff writer

Every other Thursday after school in room 115, a handful of students gather together to study God’s word in Fellowship of Christian Students.

“Most of the time we all pull out a Bible, either a physical Bible or a Bible app, and we look up a word or something we’ve heard throughout the day that may have confused us,” sophomore Mark Funches said. “And we see what God has to say about it.”

As this club has only recently been revived after years of hiatus, FCS is focused mainly on devotions and prayer within meetings. As more members join, they hope to be able to share Christ through community service as well. In fact, members plan to visit a local nursing home before Christmas.

“We’re all here for the same purpose,” club sponsor Seth Schirmer said. “[That purpose is] to share opportunities and to serve. And that’s what I’m shooting for in the long run.”

Apart from that, members hope that the club will expand so the message of Christ will be shared with other students.

“It allows students to grow in their walk with Christ together,” sophomore Olivia Johnson said. “By all being relatively the same age, we are all able to understand that we share similar struggles in our relationship with God.”

All students are encouraged to stop by for a meeting if interested. There is no charge, no requirements and no soul-selling contract that must be signed before entering the door. It is simply a way for Christian peers to gather together in fellowship with one another.

“I know we all have different churches that we participate in,” Schirmer said. “But we all worship the same God, and it’s important that we come together and share in it.”