Washing out the old, in with the new

New academic adviser strides for excellence

Story by Ricky Cooks, staff writer

Every new school year calls for change, and this year, it’s come in the form of a new academic adviser. His name is Jeremy Duncan, and he’s here to change lives.

“As a 1995 graduate of Texas High, my career goal was to become a psychiatrist,” Duncan said. “However, through college and life experiences I had the opportunity to serve as an academic adviser at two different points in my career.”

A graduate from Henderson State University, Duncan was an academic adviser for the university’s TRIO programs, which provide services to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“When my sister was deployed to Iraq, I returned home to care for her son,” Duncan said. “During that time, I worked for Liberty Eylau ISD as their first academic adviser.”

Duncan has had job experiences that have let him find his calling–helping kids with their futures.

“Both positions afforded me the opportunity to guide and help students reach their fullest potential,” Duncan said.

Having grown up in TISD, Duncan was eager to return to his roots and give his family the same upbringing that he had.

“Becoming an academic adviser with Texas High was an opportunity for me to return home and provide my daughters a chance to become members of the Tiger family,” Duncan said. “Having a desire to return home after a great career with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, I jumped at the opportunity when I saw that my alma mater was looking for a new adviser to join the team.”

He and the other advisers have been working for the majority of summer break, preparing for the new year. Duncan is passionate about the position, and about positively impacting the lives of his students.

“Whether you are number 1 in your class or last in your class, my goal is to help each student see their individual skills and learn how that skill set will contribute to the success that he or she wants to have,” Duncan said. “I’m very focused on what your opinion is or what your thoughts are about what it will take for you to be successful.”

As the new school year approaches, Duncan is ready to start impacting lives as a TISD employee.
“It’s my belief that if I’m honest, straight forward, and offer the same to each student that crosses my path, we will have success,” Duncan said. “Once I build a relationship with my students, helping them succeed in high school and college becomes the fun part.”