Musical roots

Sophomore utilizes musical abilities passed down from parents

Story by Connor Brooks, staff writer

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the case of sophomore Brennon Cope. He is skilled at singing and uses his voice to entertain others. Both of his parents were gifted singers, and his father played the piano.    

“I attribute some of my musical ability to my mom, but most of the credit belongs to my father,” Cope said. “He was brilliant in his musical talents and got to show this during his time playing in a band.”

Cope’s father passed away when he was 7 years old, and listening to his dad’s songs helped bring back memories Cope had of him. Reminiscing about the times he had with his father, ignites his passion for music today.

“I don’t really have too many memories of my dad, but one I do remember is of me playing on the stage with my family,” Cope said. “I got to play some un mic’d bongos with everyone watching me.”

His father’s music continues to help him today by showing him what hard work and talent can achieve, and he hopes that one day people will think the same of his music. Cope’s goal setting has helped him in his vocational calling and has pushed him to always strive to be better.

“Listening to my father’s music helps me get through his passing,” Cope said. “If I passed away, I would want people to listen and be inspired by my music.”

The history of his family’s music has influenced him to participate in the vocal ensemble. This is because his family’s music concerts usually had many people on the stage which influences him to want to the the same. Vocal ensemble gives him the ability to do this.

“My favorite part of vocal ensemble is singing the choir music,” Cope said, “and it’s always great to sing with a group of other singers.”

He has sung in several choir competitions and in many concerts, as well as participating in student council’s dinner theater.

“I enjoy the [musical recognition] I have at Texas High,” Cope said, “but I still have a lot to learn in the music world.”

Music has helped Cope overcome many hardships, but it has also made him a lighthearted and humorous person.

Cope said, “Whether it’s music or mechanics, do what makes you happy.”