Removed and Renewed

Senior finds new home with another student


Photo by Misty Morris

Story by Katherine Stoeckl, staff writer

As the days got hotter, nights got longer. The abuse suffered at home was getting unbearable and made her dreams of summer more like nightmares. Luckily for her, a great friend was there to support her.

Senior Brandi Coulter was adopted by Kaylin Edmonds’ family. Coulter was in an abusive environment at home and was thankful for this family’s support and love from the Edmonds family.

“It was the last week of school, and I told Kaylin’s mom what has happening at home,” Coulter said. “She was really concerned and wanted me to get out of the house.”

One day after school, Brandi stayed with Kaylin and her mother and talked with the authorities. The long process began there

“We went to the police station and they were going to put me in a foster home that wasn’t even in Texarkana,” Coulter said. “And I only had two days left of school, so I really didn’t want to leave because it’s where I’ve been for a long time.”

The thought of moving hours away with just a few days of school left was not one Coulter wanted to make a reality. Unfortunately, the state line made her adoption process harder. After lots of paperwork and determination, they found a solution.

“Kaylin’s mom wanted to adopt me, but I was on the Texas side so it would be difficult to get adopted in Arkansas,” Coulter said. “It was around 11 that night when they figured out the Kaylin’s grandmother, Ms. Linda Robertson, lived in Liberty Eylau and so she could take me in.”

Coulter alternated staying with Robertson and Edmonds until July 18, 2013, when she was officially adopted.

“Being adopted by Kaylin’s family is really exciting because I know that they love me and will always be there for me,” Coulter said.

Edmonds and Coulter were both maids on the homecoming court and they were delighted to run for queen together.

“It was a good experience because she is my sister,” Edmonds said. “My mother calls it one for the books because it was the first time any of her kids got to do something like this, and it was both of us.”

While Edmonds received maid of honor with Leah Crenshaw, Coulter was grateful to be in the running.

“Being on homecoming court with Kaylin was a good experience,” Coulter said. “It wasn’t tough at all because I wasn’t worried about becoming queen. It was fun because I got to spend a lot of time with Kaylin, my best friend and now my sister.”