Vacation vs. Staycation

Students make summer memories regardless of distance traveled


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Story by Paisley Allen, staff writer

She steps off the plane into the terminal in Milan. His face is whipped with wind as the roller coaster shoots down the track at Six Flags. She traveled 2,000 miles to stand before the Roman Colosseum while he took a day trip to Dallas. Although the difference in their locations is major, the quality of memories made is one and the same.

Sophomore Julie Sherman and Junior Jaylon Williams both had their share of adventures over the summer. Julie had the opportunity to vacation in Italy; Jaylon embarked on a staycation to Six Flags and other local areas.

“I was really excited to see Italy because it was my first real experience outside of the country,” Sherman said. “I went to the Bahamas when I was little, but it was so long ago that I barely remember anything about it. I was ready to have an experience that I would remember for the rest of my life.”

Sherman toured Italy with an organization known as Education First (EF) Tours. The group had the chance to explore many famous landmarks such as the wall of letters to Juliet in Verona, Doge’s Palace and the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers in Florence. Sherman expressed how eye opening it is to stand before something she has heard about all her life and to see the remnants of history unfold before her.

“Rome and Florence were so beautiful. The history there was truly fascinating, and I loved getting the chance to shop around in the boutiques and see real Italian fashion,” Julie said.

While Sherman experienced backpacking through Europe, Williams enjoyed spending his summer around family and being close to home. In the past, he chose not to entertain the idea of travel to remain close to family; in fact, the most distinguishing facet about this summer in comparison to those previously is how much time he spent away from home.

“This summer was full of new experiences for me. I spent a day at Six Flags, got a job working at Albertson’s and doing a little yard work for people,” Williams said. “I also got to see extended family members at our annual reunion, and went on a few road trips to places like Dallas and Killeen.”

When the two pupils’ summers are compared, some might automatically assume that Sherman had the more exciting experience, but when you take into consideration the pros and cons of each circumstance, Williams believes the playing field levels out.

“Having family on a vacation is so important because with them you can laugh and just have a good time,” Williams said “When you don’t have those people around you, the people that you are comfortable with, it’s just boring because no one can really have fun without their family around.”

However, when all is said and done, no matter what other people may assume about the excursions experienced, they both agree that nothing can change the memories that were made, the laughs that were had, or the stories they will be able to share.

“The journey was long, but the experiences were once in a lifetime opportunities and in the end that’s what it’s all about,” Sherman said. “I will remember them forever.”