New school, fresh experiences

Freshmen are nervous but overall excited to begin high school

Story by Jenny Gonzales, staff writer

They walk through the stage as the teachers call out their names. They receive their folders with a simple paper stating they have completed middle school. They gather outside the auditorium smiling, laughing and taking pictures with their friends. They give a look at the school that is behind them. Finally, the time has come. The former eighth-grade class will leave their middle school hallways behind and come to a different school, also known as high school. A new chapter in their lives will soon begin.

As we approach a new school year, we can’t forget about the class of 2021 who will begin their first year of high school this August and like the classes before them, some are perplexed.

“I feel pretty pumped, and I think it will be really fun,” freshman Benjamin Depriest said. “I’m nervous, but I love sports and it will make the year go by fast. There’s gonna be upperclassmen that I’ll have classes with and I think that will be cool.”

Most students, like Depriest, are ecstatic, yet some are more nervous than others. Coming to a different school can cause a mix of emotions.

“It is very exciting to finally be leaving middle school, and I hope to find some good friends to hang out with,” freshman Darby Robertson said. “I am extremely nervous about going to a new school, and I am not really sure what to expect.”

A different environment also means a change in staff members, which includes teachers. Leaving behind their favorite teachers that they grew fond of can be tough.

“We are not going to have the same teachers,” freshman Iris Gonzalez said. “That’s why I’m nervous; I won’t know who my teachers will be this year, especially since I had some that were chill and really helped me out last year.”

Some are still settling their minds around the idea of being in high school. Time flew by in a blink of an eye for many. It seemed like yesterday they were anxious to go to middle school.

“I feel nervous, excited and scared. Mostly because it’s a new school,” freshman Manuel Garcia said. “I’ll be meeting new people and at the same time meeting new friends.”

Freshmen orientation was held August 12. Students were given the opportunity to pick up their schedules and to walk the hallways where they will spend the next four years.

“I was able to see the layout of the school and have it explained by people who had to deal with the same conditions I will have to deal with,” freshman Macy Sloan said. “It was pretty intimidating at first glance, but the upperclassmen helped calm my nerves a bit. It’s still kind of scary, but now I’m excited to join such a big community with so many opportunities.”