Inspiring others through music

freshman featured in band quartet

Story by Jenny Gonzales, staff writer

Anxiously waiting for the drum majors to call to set. Replaying in her mind the steps she will take. When to hold and where to stand for the nerve wrecking quartet. She keeps repeating in her head that’s it’s just another practice, the best one yet.  

Freshman Gabrielle Reed will be featured as part of a quartet in this year’s marching show titled “Revolve.” The quartet consists of only four musicians which will also feature junior Kamryn Johnson, junior Guillermo Pass and sophomore KyAsia Hawkins.

Although it is very common for a student to be featured in the show, freshmen aren’t always an option. Yet this year, Reed will be able to be part of a great opportunity.

“I was very excited to hear that I was going to get to be in the quartet,” Reed said. “At the same time, it also added so much nervousness about messing up. It was a matter of yes I wanted to do it but then I also kinda wanted to back off.”

Reed explains how due to the fact that she is a freshman, she wasn’t sure about being part of the quartet.

“I just thought that being in the quartet would be fun but, I am a freshman and I didn’t really need to be doing that kind of stuff,” Reed said. “I could put myself out there and try out but there’s so many band members that would do so much better than me. Some deserved it more than me because, well, I am just a freshman.”

With the enthusiasm of being chosen, there was also nervousness about how other band members would react.

“When one of the band directors made the announcement, I just envisioned how the upperclassmen were gonna hate me,” Reed said. “They were going to say stuff like ‘Oh I thought only we were trying out’ or ‘Why is she there when she is only a freshman.’ I immediately started freaking out and I kept thinking that everyone was going to hate me end of story.”

Slowly, she accepted the fact that she was going to be in the quartet. No matter what older band members thought, she wanted to make the best of this experience.

“I also started to realize, well it’s kinda self absorbed for me to say but, the band director chose me, a freshman, for a reason,” Reed said. “Instead of caring too much about what upperclassmen thought, I should care more about doing good in this opportunity. Proving to them that I can do it, even if I am just a freshman.”

Her love for music grew within her and was based by the influence of her brothers.

“I’ve been in band for about two years. I decided to join because all my brothers were in band and I just wanted to continue with them,” Reed said. “I also joined because I’ve always loved the thought of being able to make and perform music and being in band helped me bring out a side of myself I didn’t really show.”

This also gave her a perspective of how she wants to be helpful to future freshmen.

“We should make them feel welcomed. I want to tell them that just because you are a freshman. it doesn’t mean you are the worst in the school,” Reed said. “It’s just a matter of doing your best as I am and showing freshman that no matter what, you can do this. Being in the lowest grade right now doesn’t determine who you are and it doesn’t define you any limits.”