New year; new staff

Story by Autumn Golden, staff writer

Each school year comes with a change, but this year, 28 new teachers and faculty members were added. The most asked about addition to the staff will tell you to “have a seat” in the cafeteria. He’ll ask where you’re going during lunch, but he’s not trying to be mean. He’s just doing his job.

William Harris is the newest principal for students with the last name letters H-O. There are only three grade-level principals now that Julius Anderson moved up to head of discipline.

“I took this job because I wanted to get back working with kids,” Harris said. “I’ve been doing career and technical education training with teachers in nine school districts for a while in Southwest Arkansas.”

Along with doing teacher facilitator work, Harris has done almost every job possible in the school department for the past nine years.

“I was a sub, a classroom teacher, and I worked for the state department of education,” Harris said. “I worked regionally with education and I was helping teachers with education cooperation.”

Most students have no clue who this new principal is, but the ones who do, know how interesting he is when it comes to sports.

“I don’t follow professional sports and I’ll tell you why,” Harris said. “I like collegiate sports because you have to maintain good grades and be a great athlete. In professional sports, people just play for money. But I’m for the Arkansas Razorbacks all the way.”

Harris may have a soft spot for Arkansas college football, but family holds his heart.

“My wife and I are both from Texarkana, so we came back here,” Harris said. “We have a 7-year-old son, and we’re having a baby due in October .”

With an exciting future on the way for him and his family, Harris also has high hopes for what Texas High will have in store for him.

“This has been a very eventful year thus far, but that’s just life,” Harris said. “I’m excited for the rest of the year and what it brings.”