Struck by a smooth dancer

Freshman hopes to provide happiness through dance


Photo by Angela Valle

Astounding the audience, freshman Jurman Williams smoothly drops his body to the music during a pep rally.

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment editor

 Background music is heard as a striking figure begins to move his body, never once going off beat and producing a spring to his step that cannot be hindered. For every movement he makes, cheers echo from the audience as they continue to be awed. 

Freshman Jurman Williams actively seeks to bring joy to the students around campus by dancing and finding other ways to improve everyone’s overall mood. His desire to manifest an eager smile by being himself enables his hobby to be more than a trivial pursuit.

The first venture into the world of dance and music for Williams began in first grade when his public display of dancing to a popular song garnered attention from his classmates. An unfamiliar emotion overwhelmed him, establishing a sense of happiness unknown to him.

“When I was in first grade and they put on Michael Jackson’s song, ‘Beat It,’ my body started moving,” Williams said. “I had never danced before, so all of a sudden, I got up and started dancing. I got the beats of the music and the flow going through my body. The next day, I found out that they actually had me in the school newspaper.”

Since transitioning from the small bubble of middle school, Williams has found the importance of maintaining his responsibility of a growing happiness within the student body.

“People react differently, but since I’ve come to high school, I’ve been making people’s day. It made me realize that I should be doing it more because I love seeing people happy,” Williams said. “My number one goal every single day is to make someone smile. When people smile, it signals the key to happiness.”

Williams’s admiration for the art of dance stemmed from a place of underlying negativity in his life. His striving attitude toward reaching his goal by using negativity as an accelerating factor helped shape his philosophy in life.

I don’t let the things people say about me stop my positive thinking. The bad things they say shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal either. If anything, use that to encourage you to do better than how they’re doing”

— Jurman Williams

“I let all that pain, hurt and agony go because at that moment, I’m being myself no matter what people say,” Williams said. “I don’t let the things people say about me stop my positive thinking. The bad things they say shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal either. If anything, use that to encourage you to do better than how they’re doing.”

A release of suppressed emotions strike Williams in a way that many can relate to in all creative aspects. While others write, paint, sing and invent, Williams finds comfort in dancing to melodious music.

“Over time, I started finding music that connected to the circumstances in my life and chose to follow that into making people feel my emotions,” Williams said. “I feel very free when I’m dancing to the point where there’s nothing bothering me.” 

Tragedy has shaped Williams’ life through the death of his mother and led to a transitional state of not knowing the direction of his life. Outside influences impact Williams in a positive manner to aid in his search to alleviate stress and move forward in his endeavors. 

“When I lived with my mom, I felt very physically and mentally abused, but now none of that ever happens,” Williams said. “Now, I live in a good, stable environment filled with happiness where I reflect on the past and still move forward with my life.” 

Perspectives about the necessity of maintaining one’s individuality with no limits widen as Williams unearths his message about keeping faith in the Lord.

“Every single day, people talk down to me and I want to give the message that no matter if it hurts, no matter what people do to you, always stay true to yourself, always know that what people can say will impact them in their life and keep God in your heart. There’s always a way to be free, and I use dancing to express the hidden emotions within myself.”