Striving for success

Freshman clarinet player beats expectations


Photo by Kaitlyn Gordon

Despite being one of the youngest members in band, freshman David Bell auditions for Wind Ensemble using All-Region music. He ended up placing first, meaning he captured first chair of the section. Auditions were held in December.

Story by Jenny Gonzales, staff writer

Students gather around the window, waiting for the results to be posted. Soon enough, he makes his way through the crowd. He looks through the list for his name. “David Bell 9; 1st clarinet.” He made the top place for his section– first chair.

Freshman David Bell earned the top chair after auditioning for the THS Wind Ensemble, Symphonic and Concert bands. Out of his instrument’s section, he performed the best.

“When I first came to high school, I didn’t really think about auditions until someone told me about it [and] I heard some people practicing,” Bell said. “I [thought] ‘Oh I need to start practicing [because] I am going to audition.”

The process of auditioning can be very difficult and frustrating. It’s a blind audition, which means the judge doesn’t know who you are, yet you still play in front of your section members. Students play portions of their music selected for the TMEA All-Region, which can be difficult.

“The most stressful part is when you have to wait your turn and listen to all the other players who might sound better that you,” Bell said.  “I was scared and I really wanted to make it in first band.”

“I was very surprised because I thought I’d make [a lower chair],” Bell said. “ I was happy [I made] first chair first band.”

Through all this, Bell has learned to always do his best and strive for success.

“These experiences have helped me know that it’s ok not to be perfect and that I should just try to be the best that I can be which is a great,” Bell said. “You shouldn’t be what someone else wants you to be, you should be who you want to be and you should be the best you can be.”