From twirling fire to teaching freedom

Middle school teacher transitions to high school

Story by Charli Hueter, staff writer

Emily Szymanski has progressed from the Texas Middle School campus where she will be teaching on a broader scale than that of her former subject on United States History. Szymanski was a baton-twirler in High School, so her passion for higher grades is evident. From her initial job teaching seventh and eighth grade social studies and government economics, our school has recruited yet another source of educational prowess.

“My first place of employment was in Chireno, which is outside of Nacogdoches,” Szymanski said. “My first two years teaching, I taught government and economics at the high school level. Since then, I have taught in the middle school.”

Transitioning from the middle school to the high school was effortless considering her wealth of prior experience. If anything, the exchange has only motivated Szymanski to further support and promote the future of her pupils.

“My biggest goal for being in Texas High is just making sure that I’m preparing my students – this freshman group – to move forward whether that be to an AP class or just to the next level,” Szymanski said.

Szymanski will be the first high school teacher for many freshmen entering the ninth grade, so she understands the importance of creating a comfortable atmosphere. Being relatively fresh on the scene herself, she withholds a certain affinity for the incoming lowerclassmen.

“I think that the best part about working with this age group is getting to see students start to find their goals for after high school,” Szymanski said. “That’s not something you really think about in middle school.”

Back at the middle school, Szymanski was a noteworthy eighth grade U.S. history teacher. Many of the students she taught at the former campus will be transitioning alongside her, and may possibly be granted the opportunity for a second year under her instruction. With such a positive legacy already imprinted upon TISD, Szymanski will no doubt flex her educational expertise here at Texas High also.

“I really enjoy the high school level social studies,” Szymanski said. “And so that’s something that I wanted to be more apart of.”

Szymanski was recognized in 2016 as Teacher of the Year, and recently coached her UIL Social Studies team to victory. While her days twirling flaming batons may be behind her, she is clearly far from finished with making an impact within our high school.