Return of a tiger


Teara Duke

TISD police officer Jonathan Matlock dons his uniform while on duty. Matlock is a Texas High alumnus and former member of the Texarkana Texas Police Department.

Story by Olivia Huckabee, Staff Writer

Campus officer Jonathan Matlock is a familiar face to the TISD family. Before serving his former high school, Matlock made the choice to join the Army and help serve his country.

“I joined the Army because I was always a defender [and] someone willing to stand up for something bigger than me,” Matlock said. “To be able to give back to all those who gave [everything] so that I could live free and have freedom of choice and liberty.”

After returning from the Army, Officer Matlock joined the Texarkana Texas Police Department, or the TTPD, for two years then moved onto the Nash Police Department. He later became a part of the Bowie County Sheriff’s Department before returning to his alma mater.

“I knew after getting out of the Army that I still wanted to serve my community, and the best way to do so was to protect the people of my community,” Matlock said. “I thought it would be cool to go back to where it all started. Plus, I wanted to be a positive role model for students. I wanted to give a positive view and spin on community policing.”

Matlock has had many influences throughout his school years that have ultimately helped shape him into the officer and man he is today. 

“I would say my grandparents, my older brother, Mr. Zach, Ms. George and Mrs. Nix, even though we didn’t always see eye to eye, [influenced me],” Matlock said. “It was people like them who saw something greater in me when I didn’t have the courage to do so myself.”