Field of dreams

Cody Reese on playing at AT&T stadium

Story by Braden McKinnon, Staff Writer

Photo by Braylen Garren

A broad-shouldered boy laces up his cleats in the same locker room as some of his favorite players. He walks out onto the field, seeing flashes of his favorite memories watching the Cowboys over the years. He is a boy again, living his childhood dream.

Senior quarterback Cody Reese lived his dream and played on the field of the team he grew up fantasizing over: the Dallas Cowboys.

During pregame there was every opportunity for him to be wrecked by nerves and shut down, as many would be facing this kind of pressure.

“Prior to the game, I tried not to think about anything related to the game so that I’d stay calm,”  Reese said.

Reese, nonetheless, did not disappoint that night with a statline of 288 yards and 2 total touchdowns, one rushing and one passing.

The thought that the field he was playing on was the same field NFL greats such as Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Darrell Revis had played on was baffling.

“There was always that thought that I’m about to play where legends have played, so it was really cool when thinking about it,” Reese said.

There was always that thought that I’m about to play where legends have played . . .

— Cody Reese

Reese’s family was also very excited to see him play on their favorite team’s field.

“Later in life, 10 years, 15 years from now,” Cody’s father, Ken Reese, said. “They’ll be sitting there around the table talking about, ‘you know, I got a chance to play in the stadium,’ and then they’re gonna say, ‘and I scored a touchdown.’”

Cody’s father was especially excited for him to be able to do something that he will remember forever.

“When he was a captain on the star, he just smiled real big,” Ken Reese said. “Ten, 15 years from now, he’ll look back and go, man, that was an experience.”