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Most exciting and looked–forward–to flicks of 2020


Graphic by Sydney Rowe

Story by Sydney Rowe, staff writer

With the new year comes a brand new selection of movies to wait anxiously for, discuss and critique. Whether you’re the action type or prefer wholesome family movies, 2020 is sure to have something for you. In honor of the new year, here’s a short list of some movies to look forward to in the upcoming year in order of release date.

Bad Boys for Life (Jan 17)
In the third installment of the “Bad Boys” franchise, ex-cops Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett team up to fight a major drug cartel leader in Miami, Florida. The pair, alongside newly formed AMMO team, face off with Armando Armas. While this action/crime movie is sure to have plenty of thrills for all the suspense loving people out there, there is no doubt that there will be plenty of laughs with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence sharing the screen.

The Gentlemen (Jan 24)
Set in the UK, “The Gentlemen” follows Mickey Pearson, a man who got his fortune from creating a marijuana empire in London. When the news travels about his wanting to leave the business, prospective buyers orchestrate many schemes in order to gain control of his fortune. With a producer with a reputation like Guy Ritchie, the movie is undoubtedly going to be a success. Plus, who doesn’t love Matthew McConaughey and Charlie Hunnam?

Birds of Prey (Feb. 7)
Harley Quinn and DC female superhero fans are in for a treat with an hour and 40 minutes of their favorite female characters. After the events of “Suicide Squad”, Harley Quinn separates from Joker and goes on to join Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl by fighting off a crime lord. 

The King’s Man (Feb. 14)
When some of the world’s worst tyrants and criminals come together to make an evil plan, one man must race against time to keep them from wiping out much of the population. The movie introduces the first self-determining intelligence agency. The cast includes some familiar faces such as Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton, and Stanley Tucci. 

Onward (March 6)
Fellow Marvel actors, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, team up once again in this animated film to voice two teenage elf brothers. Ian and Barley Lightfoot’s father passed away long before they were old enough to remember him and they want to know more about him. They set out on a journey to discover whether or not there is still magic in the world in order to spend one last day with their father.

A Quiet Place II (March 20)
In the sequel to “A Quiet Place,” the Abbott family now has to survive the horrors of the world around them in silence. The family soon realizes that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats they need to be cautious of and much worse awaits them beyond the sand path.

Mulan (March 27)
In this live action adaptation of the animated Disney movie, Liu Yifei portrays Mulan, a young woman that disguises herself as a man to fight in the imperial army in order to save her sick father and goes on to fight northern invaders in China. Although the live action film seems to be without some of the original characters and songs, it looks to be a great movie on its own and slightly more historically and culturally accurate than the animated original.

No Time to Die (April 8)
Daniel Craig’s final jaunt as 007 is finally hitting the big screen on April 8th. After deciding to leave active service, Bond goes on a much deserved break. His hiatus becomes short-lived when he is asked by an old CIA friend, Felix Leiter, for help. This leads Bond onto the trail of a new villain with access to dangerous new technology. 

Black Widow (May 1)
Although it has been confirmed as a prequel, the two released trailers have left plenty of room for speculation about the events that are to come with the release of “Black Widow.” It is not for certain what exactly will happen but the trailers have hinted at the possibility of Agent Romanov teaming up with former Black Widows. Whatever the plot turns out to be, Scarlett Johanson is sure to own the screen and display some female empowerment in the process.

Fast and Furious 9 (May 22)
Although the plot is still unknown to the supposedly final movie of the Fast and Furious franchise, we do know that the cast will remain mostly the same as the last film with the addition of John Cena and Finn Cole. Jordana Brewster, who plays Mia Toretto, is also rumored to be back for her sixth appearance in the franchise.

Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5)
Comic book fans are likely to be ecstatic for this Wonder Woman sequel where Diana Prince goes head to head with Cheetah, a frequent villian in comics, who possesses super strength and agility. After the hit debut of “Wonder Woman” in 2017, it’s safe to say Gal Gadot is an incredibly talented actress and is sure not to disappoint.

Soul (June 19)
The same studio that created “Inside Out” is bringing this story of a musician, voiced by Jamie Foxx, who has lost his love and passion for music. He is transported out of his body and has to find his way back to himself with the help of a young girl soul who is learning who she wants to be. 

Top Gun: Maverick (June 26)
Pete Mitchell is back as an adventurous test pilot for the Navy. After his many years as one of the top aviators, Mitchell is content where he is and is determined to fight off a rank promotion that would mean the end of his piloting days. 

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (July 10)
Who ya gonna call? Finn Wolfhard and Paul Rudd join the Ghostbusters universe in Ghostbusters three. The film takes place in a small town that a single mother and her two kids recently moved to. They eventually uncover their grandfather’s hidden legacy and the link between themselves and the original Ghostbusters.

The Secret Garden (Aug. 13)
Based on the 1911 novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the 2020 film adaptation features English actress Dixie Egerickx. After the death of her parents, Mary Lennox is sent to live with her uncle on his country grounds in the Yorkshire moors. While exploring, Mary discovers a secret garden and what lies within.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Sept. 11)
After a murderer claims to have acted under the possession of a demon, two paranormal investigators are tasked with trying to uncover the truth about the case. Horror film fans are certain to experience thrills and chills in the third installment of the Conjuring series.

Venom 2 (Oct. 2)
Little is known for certain about “Venom 2” but that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing about what might come out of the movie. One of the most popular theories is that Cletus Kasady, a serial killer, is likely to appear in the movie and might even have a symbiote of his own similar to Eddie Brock’s. Since Woody Harrelson has been confirmed to be in the movie and was seen at the end of Venom as Kasady, it’s almost certain the serial killer will be in the sequel in some way.

Godzilla vs. Kong (Nov. 20)
Not much is known about this film considering its release is months away but it is known that King Kong and Godzilla will face off to be king of monsters. Humans living alongside the monster must find ways for a prosperous and triumphant future.

West Side Story (Dec. 18)
In this adaptation of the Broadway musical, a pair of teenagers from two different ethnic backgrounds fall in love. The two come from two rivaling gangs, the white Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks, and despite knowing better, they grow closer to each other. The story takes place in New York City in the 1950s.