Ignoring Science

The reasons we should listen to medical professionals


Photo by Caden Rainwater

photo illustration.

Story by Katey Pappas, staff writer

7,188,071 cases. 

205,942 deaths. 

While these are the numbers, COVID-19 has changed every life in the United States. What started out as a virus affecting just a few people spread to millions, and it’s arguable a large portion of the increase is due to people ignoring science. 

Science is something that should never be ignored and when it is, bad things happen. For the first few months of the virus, many people dismissed it and thought it wouldn’t hurt anyone. They believed that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the seasonal flu and thought it was stupid for anybody to quarantine or wear a mask. 

According to the CDC, only 34,200 people died from the flu in the entire 2018-2019 season. The coronavirus has managed to kill over five times that number in just a few months. 

It will just keep growing until the majority begins believing in science. Science and medicine are not opinions, and never will be. Smart doctors in the medical field know this. They have studied medicine for years and put in countless hours of work into their profession. It doesn’t matter where they work or if they are practicing. They know. A smart, good doctor should never be ignored. They are working hard and putting their own lives at risk every single day. They are face to face with the illness that has killed thousands. 

In Bowie County there have been 1296 cases and 71 deaths as of Sept. 29, according to the City of Texarkana website.

People have not been listening to doctors like they should. They make fun of people who believe and trust facts and that is not okay. They need to remember that Covid has no eyes or ears. It doesn’t care what color your skin is, what language you speak, what church you go to or where you are from. People need to buckle down and start paying attention to the facts. Science will always rule and is the same everywhere. Give it a chance.