Prom unlike any other

Senior dance follows different agenda than past


Photo by Allyson Smith

Story by Graci Henard, staff writer

Despite the uncertainty this year’s seniors have faced due to COVID-19, the school will be hosting a prom on May 1. 

This year’s dance is different than past years due to administrators and volunteers having to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Instead of casino games following the dance, they will be happening simultaneously in order to have fewer people in each area. The dance will be in the cafeteria and casino games will be happening in the hallways, both starting at 7 p.m. 

Students will drive around to the Kennedy Lane parking lot where dads will be there to valet cars. Students will then enter in the doors by the Kennedy Lane circle drive where they will check in with their tickets, which should be purchased before the night of the dance. A free T-shirt is included in the purchase of the tickets.

The cafeteria will be beautifully decorated, thanks to the prom mom’s. The theme of the decor is “An Enchanted Evening.” A DJ has been hired to run the music for the night and a variety of music has been assured by Principal Carla Dupree. 

“The committee has come together to make sure we have everything we need [for decorations],” head of decorations Wendy Norman said. “Even if it means pulling from our own backyards.”

Portraits and group pictures during the dance will be offered and THS Publications photographers will also be walking around shooting candid photos. All photos taken will be placed on a Google Drive and shared with each student’s school email where they can download them.

Prepackaged snacks and drinks will be offered during the dance due to COVID-19 regulations. Masks will also be required for all students attending the Enchanted Evening.  

Casino games happening in the hallways will include craps, blackjack and roulette while also offering cornhole and many other fun games. Students will play for chips which represent real money used for the auction.

At 10:30 p.m., the dance and games will come to a close and all students will walk to the Sullivan Performing Arts Center where the auction will begin. They will not be permitted to change out of their dance clothes and will use the chips they won during casino games to bid on real prizes. 

Prizes during the auction include a variety of gift cards, AirPods, MacBook, Yeti coolers and bluetooth speakers. This is just a small portion of prizes being offered, and students will have ample opportunities to bid on the items. Texas High seniors are the only ones allowed to bid, but everyone is allowed to play the casino games.

“There are so many prizes [that] there’s no way not to go home with something,” Norman said.

Although the prom agenda does not follow past years, the Enchanted Evening will still offer everything normally included in the night, just over a shorter period of time.

“[The prom committee] has all worked so hard to make sure that even though there are changes this year, it will still be an awesome, beautiful and exciting night,” Norman said. “I cannot wait for the kids to see and experience all there is to offer this year. Just the prizes alone will be unforgettable. Everyone should leave feeling like this night was one to cherish forever.”