Ragin’ Cajun

Senior Lauren Allred reflects on her recruitment process


Photo by Bethany Arnold

Senior Lauren Allred makes a play from shortstop to first base in varsity softball game. Allred’s ability to be a utility player aided her in landing scholarship opportunities.

Story by Kailyn Williams, Staff Writer

Lights shining bright. Fans and family screaming. The most competitive division of travel softball. The electric atmosphere of the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium. Senior Lauren Allred recalled playing here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as one of the best memories of her softball career.

“I believe my best memory in softball was getting to play in the championship game at the Hall of Fame Stadium,” Allred said. “Playing against the top teams in the country gave me a feeling as if I were really playing in the [Women’s College World Series].”

Allred, four-year varsity softball player, gave herself a chance to make her dream of playing at the WCWS come true after she signed her letter of intent to play Division I softball at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The four-year varsity starter had many impacts on the Texas High softball program, not only on the field, but in her leadership role as well. 

“Lauren always brought positive energy to the team, winning or losing,” sophomore second baseman Mally Lumpkin said. “She was always uplifting and ready to compete.”

Allred has an infectious personality and energy on the softball field, who will never fail to make you laugh, and she’s just the type of athlete that you want to have as a teammate. 

“Lauren is a great person to play alongside,” sophomore utility player Mollie Fisher said. “Her personality lights up a room and she’s always making someone laugh.”

Getting into her recruitment, Allred was creating bonds and talking to college coaches as early as her freshman year. However, due to UIL and NCAA rulings, athletes are not allowed to be offered until their junior year.

“My recruitment process was slow but fast at the same time,” Allred said. “I started creating bonds with different coaches as a freshman, but I wasn’t allowed to actually get an offer until my junior year.”

Throughout her career, Allred’s family was always there to be her support system. Whether it was driving her to tournaments, paying for hotels and equipment, and being there to push her to be her best self, she always had her parents in her corner backing her up.

“My biggest supporters are no doubt my parents,” Allred said. “I know they’ll always find a way to make it possible for me to [be successful].”

Throughout her recruitment process, Lauren used her personality to woo coaches, adding to her marketability off the diamond. Communication aided her in getting offers on a different level aside from just being a good athlete. 

“Being good is helpful, but coaches look for players with personality,” Allred said. “Being able to communicate and give the coaches a chance to know me really ended up being a benefit.”

Allred found that, for her personally, recruitment should be more personalized to the athlete-coach relationship. The recruitment apps that almost all athletes are told to sign up for seemed to be a less personal way of reaching out to coaches the same way that an email or letter would. 

“I did not use any recruiting apps because I believe they are no more helpful than reaching out on your own through email or letter,” Allred said. “It would seem more personalized coming from a letter rather than a third party.”

Though Lauren is a workhorse on the field who swings a powerful bat, academics played a huge role in her recruitment. 

“Obviously coaches want an athlete to be good, but one of the first questions I was asked while on my visit was about academics,” Allred said. “It gives [the coaches] more confidence giving an athletic scholarship knowing it won’t be wasted because the player couldn’t pass a class.”

Allred found a home in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and is excited looking into her freshman season. 

“I’ve worked hard to get where I am today,” Allred said. “I’m excited to be a Cajun!”