Say ‘yes’ to the Dress

The prom committee offers a chance for every girl to get a homecoming dress


Photo by Macy Maynard

Looking through the dress rack, sophomore Latreasurey Butler examines the dresses offered at the Homecoming Dress Boutique. The Prom Moms committee coordinated the boutique to encourage more students to participate in homecoming activities.

Story by Macy Maynard

The Texas High Homecoming Boutique opened for students on Sept. 16, 2022. The  Texas High Homecoming boutique provides options for any girl in need of a homecoming dress for the upcoming dance. 

All of the dresses have been donated and are either new or slightly used. The Texas High Prom committee, better known as the Prom Moms, sponsored this boutique. Leanne Maynard and Melanie Cook coordinated this event to accommodate the girls needing assistance.

The girls could pick out any dress and try the dress on for fit. If they found one they liked, the student could take one dress home for the upcoming homecoming dance on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022.

“It’s actually been really fun to watch the girls get what they’ve been looking for even if they don’t have the resources,” senior Sky Jackson said. 

As well as finding a dress, many girls and their families could benefit from the boutique financially.

“It really helped me by saving money, ” senior Kiara Martin said. “[It] kinda took off the stress of finding a new dress.” 

Originally there was only a prom boutique, but that changed this year, making homecoming dresses also available. 

“The prom committee wanted to do something for those who need a dress for homecoming as well,” Maynard said. 

The committee was not sure if they had enough dresses to accommodate all of the girls, but had enough to support both dances this year.

“We looked at what had been donated and lo and behold we had enough dresses,” Maynard said. “We were able to serve the need for THS and the girls going to homecoming.”

This new boutique not only provided girls with dresses, but also a new incentive to participate in homecoming.

“It’s really inspiring to see how we’re helping the girls feel confident and to feel like they actually can participate in this event,” Maynard said. “That really is a wonderful thing.”