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Parking space auction is good for business

Pulling into the student parking lot at 8:21 a.m. on a Monday as rain beats against your windshield, you realize that you’re going to have to carry your art project in without getting it wet, a task that will prove difficult.

You scan for an open slot, gradually becoming more frustrated, as the only vacant parking spots are on the back row. You’re going to have to walk through so many puddles, and you’re wearing your new white Nike high-tops. Great.

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You turn off the ignition, and before you’re even outside the car, you’re soaked. You realize that it’s going to take forever to leave this afternoon, being parked on the back row, which means you’ll definitely be late to work. You run inside, and as you approach your first period class, the bell rings, and the door is closed in your face. You sigh, and you take your time getting to the super long line you know will be at the tardy station. It’s 8:31, and you’ve already had a really bad day.

What if you had your own parking spot, right at the front of the lot? It’s right next to the sidewalk, and you’ve painted it with your favorite colors. It’s got your name on it in big, bold letters. You can arrive at the school 5 minutes before the bell because you know that you’ll have that Front Row Joe spot guaranteed, no matter what. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Student Council is considering making this a possibility. At the leadership conference this summer, participants tossed around the idea of auctioning off parking spaces to students as a fundraiser. Our council seemed to like the idea, but at this point, it has yet to have been approved by the administration. Still, the proposal is on the table. Administrators should definitely give StuCo a yes on this project. For one, it’s a phenomenal way to raise money; there are little to no overhead costs, and the appeal of “ownership” of a parking spot would lure students into spending a good amount of their money on a good cause. It would also instill a sense of loyalty and belonging in the highest bidders; everyone loves having something at school to call his own.

It could be said that auctioning parking spaces is unfair to those who can’t afford to spend their cash on something as unnecessary. However, if this logic was applied across the board, no school activities would exist, for virtually everything costs something, be it money that could be used for groceries, or time that could be used working and earning a paycheck.

If you’re interested in the prospect of a parking spot auction, share your enthusiasm. Let the administration know that you’d support the potential fund raiser and encourage StuCo members to continue the pursuit of getting this approved.

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Parking space auction is good for business