Students should be priority in rivalry game seating

Story by Staff Editorial

The game everyone waited for. The rivalry between Arkansas High and Texas High remained intense, and for THS students, that week would be one of the things they would reminisce to their grandchildren. Spirit days were observed every day of the week leading up to the game, there was a Bacon Fry and a tailgate, and announcements were made non-stop warning students against imprudent actions that could lead to their not being allowed to attend the game. Of course, since only 100 student tickets were printed, this might not have served as much of a deterrent for students unable to get a seat. Really, in a town where football is near everything, it mattered much more for the whole town to make an appearance, than for the students of the actual high school to be able to tell when the game ended.

Changes need to be made before the next Texas/Arkansas game; students should have first access to all tickets, and no students should be placed in the end zone.

The band, drill team, color guard and student section were literally packed elbow-to-elbow; at least most were, some did not have a seat and were required to stand for the entire game. If a kicker missed the field goal post, the ball spiraled into the stands where students were packed so closely together, they had difficulty ducking. Arkansas High students were up in the stands with their fans; Texas High students were sitting behind the end zone in portable bleachers.

And those were the lucky ones; the students who managed to get one of the 100 tickets sold to a student body of 1,900. Several seniors were unable to purchase tickets for the biggest game of their last year, as all the student tickets sold out during the first two days of their sale. And why? Because Texas High has a long standing rivalry, and it was more important for everyone who’s ever gone to Texas High to have a chance to buy a ticket first, at the expense of those who go to school here now.

We have a generous fan base, and it makes sense to allow for as much seating as possible. However, students should be priority and have the first opportunity to purchase tickets. End zone bleachers do add several hundred seats, and should be available to any adult who is willing to sit in them.

There should be a section for students in the bleachers. There is no valid reason for sitting high school students neither in an end zone, nor for only allowing a only nineteenth of the student body to purchase a student ticket. Our football team may crush theirs, but it appears pitifully obvious which school gives their students more consideration. Why should they have that satisfaction?