The world does not revolve around you

The world does not revolve around you

Photo by unknown

Story by Riley Rogers, Staff Writer

Thought sophomore was a breeze
Heard horrid things about junior year
Everyone I know cries

Well everybody else has trouble with junior year too
Oh, so you expected people to feel sorry for you
Reality check
Look at the grade above you
Do you see how many survived

Don’t have a life
Or any friends
Everyone else is doing the same thing…

No more pity parties
Or complaining
The first six weeks is up  you should be used to it by now

Rings under your eyes
Espresso to the max
Victory, you finished studying
Only stayed up until 3:32
Look around,
Very closely,
Everyone else is asleep at their desk, too

All the complaining needs to stop
Report cards are in
One week of grounding
Useless because I’m at home studying anyway
Need to look at junior year positively
Don’t think anyone really cares

Yay! Three hours of sleep
One last thing,
Unless you’re a senior, don’t believe the world revolves around you!