Editorial: Beiber smokes marijuana, causes cuts for Beiber

Pop singer Justin Bieber was caught on video by TMZ Jan. 2 at a party smoking marijuana. Many teens are upset with Biebers decision, which started the trend on twitter “#CutsforBieber.” Teenagers were cutting their wrists, taking pictures, and then tagging them with the aforementioned hashtag in an attempt to prevent Bieber from continuing to smoke marijuana.

Bieber’s decision to smoke marijuana has affected many fans’ lives– emotionally and physically. Even though he is a role model to some, he is also human. Therefore, the people cutting their wrists for someone who is likely to make mistakes is senseless and outrageous.

While marijuana has been legalized in two states for recreational usage, it is still looked down on by the majority of the U.S. Sacrificing health and well-being to be recognized by a teenage pop star that most haven’t met is a poor decision. Bieber isn’t the first celebrity to use marijuana, nor will he be the last. Therefore, it shouldn’t have become such an ordeal.

It has come to the attention of the public that the majority of the pictures posted with this horrific hashtag were faked. Mockingly, many used ketchup as “blood.” The ones that actually did subjected themselves to physical abuse to be overshadowed by the flood of people making light of the situation. Bieber has 33 million followers, and counting, on Twitter. He doesn’t have to time to look at, or reply to, every “mention.” Girls were taking this situation too far, and instead of looking for attention should seek help.

For many girls who have grown up idolizing Bieber, the disappointment is understandable. Because of what he has had to overcome, girls feel that he is relatable. Thus, they also feel a connection with him. Social media makes him out to be perfect, so one could see how his fans are devastated by his actions. Although Beiber is an inspiration and a role model to many teenagers, going to the extreme of cutting themselves is not the answer.

Although many teens see Bieber as flawless, they need to come to the realization that he is going to make mistakes, and they should stop harming themselves for someone who’s only mortal.