Gossip Girl causes procrastination syndrome


Story by Mary Claire Boudreaux, Co-Feature Editor

Senioritis has hit me hard, as it has many. Many underclassman and their competitive souls don’t understand this illness; juniors have had a little snacks of the syndrome but never the whole cake. Senioritis is the quick end to caring.

Freshman: Oh my goodness! I have a test next week, so I have to study my little tush off.
Sophomore: I have a test on Friday. I should start looking over it.
Junior: I have a test tomorrow. I should study a little bit.
Senior: I have a test tomorrow. I’ll be fine.

And that’s all that will ever be said or done about it.

The big difference between normal procrastination and senioritis is the “I’m already in college. Why even try anymore?” outlook on school and life. As if this perspective wasn’t bad enough, add in my new Netflix account.

My parents warned me; they lectured me about time management and procrastination. Sadly, their lectures were too late. I was on a one-way train to Gossip Girl nation. There was no stopping this locomotive.

My name is Mary Claire Boudreaux, and I am a Gossip Girl junkie. Seriously, if I’m not engulfed in Chuck and Blair’s constant back-and-forth love affair, I’m imagining my life as Serena Van Der Woodsen.

I find myself going through withdrawals during school, or when doing the little studying or homework my senioritis will allow. And then it happens. The relapse. It feels so filling; I feel whole again. I feel like a Manhattan socialite that everyone in New York obsesses over. I fall asleep at night with visions of Nate in my head.

This is a little advice to all the caring, the scholars, the kids who want to avoid an extreme case of senioritis. This is your vaccine: stay off Netflix; stay away from Gossip Girl.

Until next time xoxo.