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Post concert season cause student’s depression


The adrenaline rushing through my veins. The lights dim and stage lights blind every person in the room. There is a hushed silence before a massive eruption of squeals and cries. And I love everything about this moment.

I have been to quite a few concerts in the past few years. From Skillet to Taylor Swift, I’ve seen a lot.

The problem with going to so many concerts? The withdrawal. And yes, there is a withdrawal.

I miss the music booming so loud it changes my heartbeat. I miss the people that you meet in the middle of huge crowds and become friends with just because you have one thing in common. I even miss the cramped, sweaty feeling that you get from being close to the front of the stage because I just have to be at the front.

Everything about a concert can become something you miss. And something you’ll never forget.

The first real concert I ever went to was in Dallas. It was the Jonas Brothers because they were at the Texas State Fair, and it was amazing.

My friend, Kelsey, and I were almost to the front. We were about five “rows” back. The only downside? It was hot as Hades outside! There were over 20,00 people surrounding a tiny, outdoor stage, and it was over 100 degrees.

The heat got so bad, they had to bring in fire trucks to spray water on the crowd because people kept overheating.

Over 200 people overheated. Ambulances were called. Unfortunately, we had to move back some because Kelsey almost passed out in the middle of the crowd. We moved back enough to find my parents, and we stayed there, screaming and laughing, throughout the entire concert.

Even through the extreme heat (and rude crowd), it was a great first concert experience.

Another, more recent, memorable concert was a conference I went to in Branson, Missouri.
Shakebria, my concert buddy, and I were determined to be at the front. We always are, and we always do. But at this performance, we were a little too close.

If I could sleep standing up, it would have been there because I was basically laying on the sub amps. I was still standing, but I was pushed into them so much I finally propped my arms up and got comfortable.

Even though the amps were a little painful to the ribs, I got the see all the performers up close and personal. One even stood on top of the amp I was leaning on. That was an experience.

The last real concert I attended was over a year ago. I’ve been to a few conference type things, but it’s not the same as a concert, especially after my February 2012 experience.

I was at the House of Blues in Dallas. It was still winter, and it was freezing. I don’t think wearing ripped jeans and a T-shirt helped that too much, but I will say that I was one of the most dressed girls there.

Shakebria, that concert buddy, and I were there early, still planning on being at the front. We got there two hours before they would open the doors, which means three hours before the concert actually started.

Talk about prepared.

After we got in, we wandered a bit before filling in behind the people that had soundcheck access. There were only two or three people in front of us.

The room was dark, lit only on the stage and the merch booths. The walls were a dark purple, and the chandeliers that hung from the ceiling were black. The entire room had a coffee shop type vibe but with a little more edge.

Soon enough, the three opening acts began. They were great. I had new bands to listen to, which is always good, but it wasn’t who I really went to see.

After the third band, the crowd got restless, the girls in the crowd were either in a nervous hush or an excited squeal. It was kind of amusing to be honest.

And then the lights went off.
The concert was starting, and everyone in the crowd yelled as the band jumped onstage.
Allstar Weekend was about to perform.

Throughout the concert a lot happened. I found a moustache (a fake one) in my purse, I caught a guitar pick, and I nearly got pushed onto the stage by the overly excited crowd.

There was even a girl there that had the “Freebyrd” photos pulled up on her Facebook, because that was recent news then, and I got to explain that it was my school. Even in Dallas.

Luckily, after the performances, all of the bands hung around the venue. I met all of the opening acts, who were amazing. They were incredibly sweet, and I’m happy I got to meet them.

And finally, I met the three goofy guys that made me like their music. They were the nicest people I’ve ever met. Of course, that could have been the adrenaline, but they really were sweet. And I got to hang out with them and their merch guy for a while before I had to leave.

Overall, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a concert, no matter what it really sounded like.

And that’s what I really miss. I miss the hugs of new people that you meet. I miss the crowd, even sometimes too crowded, rooms where you get really, really close. And I miss meeting the amazing people that make music simply because they love it.

I miss the atmosphere of a concert and the crazy things that happen at them, like the moustaches, that make them even more memorable.

I am so excited for the next few concerts I will be going to.

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About the Contributor
Casey Hitchcock
Casey Hitchcock, Photographer and Staff Writer
Casey is a senior photographer and a third-year newspaper writer. She is also involved in her youth group, French Club, Green Team, NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Girl Scouts, Quill & Scroll and takes piano/voice lessons. She enjoys writing, reading, photography, singing, swimming, and spending time with family and friends. She loves her two cats, her two dogs, and her new hedgehog, Little Foot. Casey spends any free time she has doing her massive amounts of AP homework, and she’s so excited about her final year of high school.

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Post concert season cause student’s depression