Function takes place over fashion


Story by Caroline Purtle, Staff Writer


How someone can define themselves simply by the clothes they wear on their body. From Adam and Eve, to present day, human beings have always cared about how they are perceived by the outside world.

Society has lost integrity of following the rule of fashion over function, and instead they have been choosing the opposite. Lack of tidiness and self maintenance portrays the nation as careless beings.

Grecian robes, Victorian corsets, and the little black dress are all milestones in the world of fashion, but where are they now? Bathrobes, Victoria Secret, and black Uggs have now seized the nation and have built an empire upon the stance of warmth and ease.

The attire worn by most teenagers is distasteful, and the older generation seems to be forgetting to update their closet. For generations, we have been heading downhill, and now it’s initiating a world-wide crisis. If we keep this up, it will soon be popular to wear dish towels and sponges.

Whoever started these trends should be excommunicated. The culprits who have conformed, guilty of high treason. As punishment, they shall receive ten lashings of a Vogue magazine. Maybe then they will resuscitate from their slothful anarchy.

We need a fashion revolution, one that changes societies’ mindset and confidence. Something that can ignite the flame that will drive someone to properly maintain themselves on a regular basis. A world with no wedge flip flops, flat bill hats, and sagging pants is a world of peace.