North Korea’s threats must be taken seriously


Story by Robert Hoover, Staff Writer

North Korea has taken several drastic steps, trying to harness their nuclear resources for weapons. They have conducted several tests with missiles that have nuclear powers, trying to gain nuclear dominance.

North Korea is unpredictable, and the thought of them with nuclear weapons is unsettling to me and several others. Many countries, including the United Nations, have made complaints. Even with North Korea receiving the criticism of several countries, they keep testing these weapons. Not only have they angered their enemies, such as the U.S., but they have angered many of their closest allies, the main one being China.

North Korea has always been a reclusive, Communist country with a small-dog mentality. They want to be a big dog, with power and control. Young leader Kim Jong-Un is very aggressive, especially to South Korea, and not afraid of anything. Despite the poor economic position, North Korea has invested as much as it could for years to get the money needed for this project. It’s heart wrenching to see stories about starving families suffering in North Korea while the government uses its money for weapons. The government should be worried about the well-being of it’s people, rather than racking up respect points.

China has publicly criticized North Korea, which is unusual due to the close bonds of these countries. China is North Korea’s most important ally, biggest trading partner, and main source of food, arms and fuel. China is in a way North Korea’s “Big Brother.” China’s open criticism is a sign of how strongly they oppose their recent decisions. North Korea has gone too far this time, and China is growing tired of the country’s reckless habits. Despite his powerful friend’s wishes, Kim Jong-un pushes on.

South Korea has been at war with North Korea ever since 1948 when it became its own nation. North Korea has a strong hatred for South Korea and has made threats at a recent United Nations meeting.

North Korean diplomat Jon Yong Ryong said, “As the saying goes, a newborn puppy knows no fear of a tiger. South Korea’s erratic behavior would only herald its final destruction.”

He said this because South Korea is helping to tighten sanctions on North Korea. It seems more like North Korea is the puppy and the U.S. is the tiger. There is a deadly game in progress and anything could happen. Despite the threats, South Korea is refusing to stand down and continuing with sanctions––along with the U.S.

Several Americans are asking themselves, “Should I be scared?” The answer for the time being is a relieving “no.” North Korea hasn’t demonstrated that they have developed an intercontinental ballistic missile. To do so would require much more flight-testing of their long-range missiles. It would take several more tests and years to achieve the ability to reach the United States. Even if they could reach us, an attack would be suicidal. Kim Jong-un may be violent, but he isn’t willing to die.

We must stand behind South Korea, tighten sanctions and keep pressure on North Korea.  Threats like this cannot be taken lightly nor underestimated. With persistence and strength, we can put this threat to rest.