Art department needs more strokes of approvement


Photo by Paige Huddleston

Student works on sculpture during art class

Story by Madeline Hunley, news editor

The halls of Texas High are filled with students a part of various likings. Theater, clubs, sports, dance, and, last but not least, art. The art department may not be the most popular group, but it is one of the most hardworking sectors at Texas High.

With this in mind, more recognition should be given towards the “artsy” students of our high school. Behind the scenes action in theater and other productions would not be possible without the creativeness branching from those who love to draw.

The work ethic put into the art projects displayed around school takes hours and even more determination. Perfectionists spend their time making their piece of work eligible for awards and competitions. Many students have entered their artwork and have gone as far as receiving an award at state.

A new class has emerged within the art department and has created a lot of interest throughout the school. Pottery is also a section that should be noticed more often, considering is it an unique class to take. Displays of the pieces created by the students bring forth details that would seem difficult to make within a few short hours. The time spent on their artwork pays off, but may not be seen by the rest of Texas High.

Texas High, standing as the largest school in Texarkana, Texas, and containing almost 2,000 students, has developed more than enough groups for students to choose from. Giving each club or sport the same recognition can be difficult, but this could change if more people realized how hard the art students work. Art competitions should be held at Texas High to attract more people towards the department. Students who are proud of their artwork should not hesitate, but go to their teacher and ask to enter their piece into a nearby competition.

Pencil, paper, paint, or clay, the art department has helped many students branch out and discover what they truly enjoy to do on a daily basis. Whether it is sketching the view outside or molding a vase, these talented artists are a part of Texas High and should be more noticed rather than forgotten.