Under pressure

Hunley describes the pressure she feels with school and her future


Photo by Mackenzie Morrow

Stress Illustration – File Photo

Story by Madeline Hunley, co-print editor in chief

Writing a story about how much homework I have or how late I have to stay up in order to finish it is quite a bore if you ask me. Everyone has experienced the stacks upon stacks of paper that never seems to end. What we don’t think about is the always difficult choice of choosing these 8 by 11 sheets of whiteness over other daily events that us, teenagers, experience everyday.

I have always been the one to put my studies over other activities outside of school. Nerd alert is one word, but I would call it more of a habit than anything. Family get togethers, celebrations, and dinners have turned into less of a priority for me when there are chapters and lessons laughing inside of my head. They are awaiting my arrival that will soon turn into a 3 hour study session.

Luckily, the worst is over. My junior year has come and conquered. It is now time to consider what my future holds outside of high school. Once again, my hours are now spent on college applications and resumes that must be submitted before the clock strikes 12. Cinderella, you have less than 6 weeks to finish your application or your college wishes will not be granted.

My intentions are not to complain about the always stressful amounts of homework I have experienced over the years. That’s high school, and everyone must go through this process in order to achieve their goals. Mine, being to graduate in the top of my class and feel satisfied that I actually survived my years here at Texas High.

Choosing between school and other situations is a choice up to you. Whether you care about your grades or feel like you can balance both, it’s your preference. I consider it a rare talent to multitask homework and events that pertain to your schedule, but to those who have managed to get the hang of it, good job. You are more than ready for life’s adventures.