Secured with insecurities

Sophomore draws attention to lack of confidence in current generation

Story by Emily McMaster, staff writer

The female society has been plastered with images of the “ideal” appearance and personality for decades, each new generation stricken with a new paragon. A slim tall, but not too tall, figure with the personality matching that girl everyone loves, whether funny or more easygoing.

Yet if every female were this ideal figure, I feel the lack of diversity would be tedious.

We were all created with our own unique personality with different body shapes, heights, hair color and so on. The need to feel insecure about yourself is unnecessary in any event.

Every girl has pointed out flaws in themselves. With this being said, two sides are to be told.  Some girls may long for the lean figure of another; however, this slim female may struggle with the ability to gain weight, leading her to desire a healthier appearance.

This is not to be said about females striving for a healthy body, but to those feeling the need to attain an under average weight, also called a negative body image. Perceptions of appearance gradually forms as maturity is gained and peers give feedback. Perceiving your body type as negative can lead to eating disorders and over exercising.

I feel for any girl to barely consume food is an unnecessary solution to lose weight. As a dancer I know exercise is important in maintaining a high stamina and healthy body, but over using this activity can limit its powers.

Girls can easily create a distorted body image, an unrealistic view of how someone see their body, from eating disorders and over exercising. No matter how thin a girl is, she may always see herself as not fit. I am a strong believer that peers of these females need to make a point to raise the self esteem of them.

Along with physical appearance, I constantly see the personalities of females changing, ending up matching those favored by many. Personalities make every girl distinctively unique from each other. Matching the beliefs and attitudes of another female to me is absurd.
Every girl should embrace their unique personalities and make the best of every flaw. Loving oneself would create a better environment for surrounding individuals and for yourself.