New year, new me? No

Sophomore reflects on new years resolutions

Story by Langley Leverett, staff writer

Once again the sun has lapped the earth. This natural phenomenon will thus signal the commencing of millions to declare their dubious promises of self renewal and good intentions. Proclamations filled with vows to change, grow and prosper are shouted through the streets and social media. Detailed with the oaths of commitment and dedication, a feeling of hope and elation lingers on New Year’s Day, but ultimately disappears altogether by the time January 2nd begins.

Each pledge announced has the potential to prevail or to fall flat. Although the majority of these people vow to change, their ambitions gradually fade until individuals whither down right back to the lethargic, repetitive slab of living they have grown to be so well accustomed.

People often find themselves caught up in the ever enticing moment of New Years, and with time marching swiftly by, they wind up creating unrealistic goals without a plan to actually fulfill them.

I will refrain from generalizing a whole population because there are the rare humans that wholeheartedly formulate goals for themselves and plan on accomplishing them. Therefore, they realize that a new date on the calendar is not going to automatically transform them into a sparkling renewed person. However, some find this hard to come to terms with, or rather they blindly trust in a divine universal force to miraculously change them.

This sensation is thoroughly depressing because in reality, all of the false hope put into fabricating these dreams and wishes is soon forgotten and pushed away back to the recesses of one’s mind. Ambitions are abandoned and left behind, under the pretense of procrastination and forgetfulness.

Thus, created are an abundance of people unknowingly lying to themselves. As the year progresses, eventually these goals become obsolete from the amount of stalling. So not only do we have dishonesty, we also have a surplus of delayed actions that could have been beneficial.

This epidemic has been an ongoing problem, and will most likely always continue. A simple wish to change is not going to magically force you into a metamorphosis of rebirth. In order to complete goals, dedication must be present, as well as the ability to persevere through the darkest moments of your journey. Change isn’t automatic. It’s a long, strenuous and drawn out process that cannot be completed without unshakable resolve and a firm grasp on reality.