Scent Addiction

Sophomore shares the logic behind her obsession with Bath and Body Works


Photo by Rachel Lewis

Alyssa Gilbert’s collection of Bath and Body Works products

Story by Alyssa Gilbert, staff writer

Running out of space and money, I realized that I might have a problem. Bath and Body Works has a wide variety of scents of probably anything you could imagine, how could I not spend all of my money there? All of my Christmas and birthday cash was spent on scented candles and shower gels, which has progressed to me losing desk and my shelf space that would otherwise be clutter free.  

My obsession has gotten to the point that it is affecting not only me, but my family.  I have at least three scent plug-ins, or “Wallflowers,” that I obtained last year, and normally I keep them plugged in around my house.

However, sometimes I see them sitting on the ground unplugged. I know that it’s my fault when I smell Oahu Coconut Sunset in my room and my dog is sneezing. It’s my fault my dog’s allergies bother her, but I have no shame.

Maybe if Bath and Body Works stopped coming out with new scents I feel like I need, my love wouldn’t be so strong. Nevertheless, my stockpile grows, little by little, each month.  

When the holiday seasons come, so do the coupons. It becomes a vicious cycle of lighting candles and checking my email for deals.

Also, the workers at the Bath and Body Works in the mall are really polite and makes me want to come back even more. In all honesty, they probably know my face by heart because I shop there so much.

One of the highest and lowest moments of my life is the Semi-Annual Sale where items are marked down to as low as 75 percent off. Finding brand new scents of candles and shower gels is a great thing, but when I’m walking out of the store with an armload of bags, it makes me think that I should probably chill out for awhile.

On the other hand, I suppose the admiration for that store runs in the family. My aunt and my mom have been guilty of building up a small stockpile of hand soaps from their favorite Christmas scents since they are only sold for a short time each year.

At the end of the day, I know in my heart that I have an addiction, but the addiction doesn’t have me. (I really don’t have an obsession over Bath and Body Works, I just have a lot of stuff from there and appreciate the wide variety of products available).