Society must stop shaming


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Story by Madison Brown, staff writer

Slut, body, intelligence, abortion and even filter. These are just a few of the millions of “shaming” fads that my generation, although not the first, has contributed to in recent years.

The concept of shaming has heavily influenced today’s society, producing negative energy among our peers. What started out years ago as “harmless” criticism has developed into a trend of hurtful and ridiculing words passed around each other.

Disapproving looks walking down the hallways. Whispers in the lunchroom. It seems that everywhere you go, someone is judging you about your life choices.

It happens all the time. The girl in the back of the class is pregnant. She’s labeled a slut for life. The group of kids sitting together at a lunch table, studying. They must be the nerds. The guy carrying around a basketball everywhere he goes. He’s just a dumb jock.

All these labels are just a way to shame people about certain parts of their life. We’re setting out to make others feel inferior and it’s getting old.

Why does it matter if someone likes putting filters on their Instagram pictures or is conscious of their food choices? It’s not like it affects you whatsoever.

Millennials are notorious for shaming each other. Everyone judges each other now and then. It’s human nature to notice each other’s differences. However, we not only judge each other, but also openly point out what we consider “flaws”– as long as it does not apply to ourselves.

The moment we see or hear something that we disapprove of, our goal is to make others feel ashamed, as if others owe us an explanation for their decisions.

The worse part about all this shaming is that we are hiding. We defend our insults and rude behavior by simply saying that we are offering constructive criticism–that you shouldn’t take it personally; just thank them for their advice.

Trying to make someone feel ashamed for their actions is personal. Openly expressing your disdain to the world is even more so.

Shaming is a cycle that never ends. There will always be things that we don’t agree with each other on whether politically, socially or physically. Our opinions on important issues will always differ. Although our views may vary, we shouldn’t shame others just because we are different.

No one should feel ashamed to be who they are. Instead of putting each other down, we should encourage each other’s differences.

Hopefully one day the shame will go away.