Hold before you hashtag

Problems with posting too much on social media

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer

In today’s world, society is driven by technology. Every minute, you’ll see someone on their phone because it is how we communicate nowadays. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to not so great endings. Once something is put out into the world, it can’t be taken down.

The new fad going around is having a “finsta,” a fake instagram as an outlet for people to post content deemed less “professional,” making it a silly, easy going account. I can post whatever I want, whether it be random pictures or just what I’m thinking about. Sometimes that may be drama that is going on or party pictures — parts of my personal life that I don’t necessarily want everyone to see.

A post can boost my confidence, but later, it just made me feel regret for posting it. In the moment, I felt this need to share with the world what I was doing, not thinking about how it would affect me in the future. It didn’t even occur to me how damaging it would be to my reputation when the people I didn’t want to see said post discovered it.

It was no longer cool to me, but rather an embarrassment, as it tainted my image from a responsible and mature person to just another teenager making reckless decisions. Decisions that will lead to problems when applying for colleges and jobs. What you post can damage your chances in a professional sense, as it can make you appear immature and not ready for bigger responsibilities.

That experience really showed me that I can’t post whatever I want and has since led to the deleting of all my finsta posts. It was kind of a way to get a clean start.

Sometimes, I find that posting what’s going on in my life on social media is easier than talking about it. When it comes to family or friends, it’s not gonna make the situation better. Writing a few words under a picture won’t solve the issue.

It all comes down to what is okay for people to see and what is not. Your private life isn’t something that should be made into a pointless finsta post. Your private life should be kept private. The internet shouldn’t be a vessel for your whole life to be shared. Some things are best kept off social media.