A positive outlook

Changes around school give students a fresh beginning


This school year, administration makes changes to benefit students in a positive way. Photo illustration by Victoria Van

Story by Tiger Times staff

As we walk through the hallways, students sense a different setting around them. There is loud chatter among students; laughter erupts from them. There’s something distinct about this year. It’s more than just new administrators, new teachers and new students. It’s the atmosphere, a welcoming one that gives us a sense of home.

The changes that have been made this year are to be applauded for creating an open and friendly environment for students and faculty. With our new principal, Carla Dupree, students have taken notice that our faculty and administration have become more approachable and conscious with students.

On the first day of school, Mrs. Dupree announced during lunches that cell phones will be allowed while in the cafeteria. Having phones out in school is not authorized for anything but educational services, so the ability to use our phones during lunch in the cafeteria is a favorable outcome.

Another new feature that has been added to the administrators’ front doors is Bitmoji stickers, emojis that someone can personalize to look like themselves. Bitmoji was created by Bitstrips as a personal emoji that can resemble you and was integrated into Snapchat in 2016. This detail can help students find administrator offices faster and makes walking into Mr. Anderson’s office a much less daunting task. Our student body is heavily consumed by technology and social media so it’s a good break for us to be on our cell phones during lunch.

When we lost two classmates this year, Dupree sent an email to the faculty regarding that if any students is having difficulty in class to send them to the counselors office immediately. Anne Granado, English AP teacher, sent an email as well to her senior classes regarding the incidents, sending her love and support to all of her students. On Sept. 7, at the senior sunrise STUCO officers and Dupree expressed their condolences. We all took notice of the caring nature Dupree radiated and the good intentions behind her decisions she made.

One of the main things we as students complain about is food, specifically our cafeteria food. One of our newest additions to our cafeteria is the snack-line outside next to the lunch tables. Different lunch lines have a specific theme going on, for example, the Italian line which serves pizza and spaghetti. Administration has take into account students that do not eat meat, they added a salad bar.

Our administration this year have take into account the student body and staff, they are are continuously trying to better each school year. Little changes sometimes make a big impact. These changes reinforce Texas High as the place to be.