Waiting on doors

New food delivery service to begin locally


photo courtesy of Waitr app

Story by April Alvarado, opinion editor

Local residents will soon have access to a food delivery app that will offer deliveries to their doorstep. Waitr is an active food delivery service in more than 235 cities across the South available on the mobile app for iPhone or Android or just by visiting their website.

“I think it’s amazing to get a local food delivery app. This can be very useful for a lot of us with situations where it’s difficult for us to find the time or a ride to get food,” junior Alexis Davis said. “Who doesn’t love food? This is really awesome, and I will definitely consider [downloading] this app.”

Waitr went live last week with more than 30 local restaurants signed up with them. The company charges a $5 flat fee to deliver food from local restaurants to your doorstep, but it does not include the tip for the deliverer. Carryout service is also available through Waitr as well.

“We built our company to focus on those smaller to mid-size markets where those other companies typically wouldn’t go. One of our tags is ‘We’re local everywhere,’ and we are. We have a local team everywhere that runs those markets,” Public Relations Director Dean Turcol said. “That gives us a significant advantage as our competitors don’t have that ground game in those markets. And for Texarkana specifically, our decision was a reflection of overwhelming public demand for a new restaurant on-demand delivery in the area.”

Waitr will have a special free delivery service for those who use the app through Dec. 16 and use the promo “Texarkana” at checkout. Participants will also be entered in winning $1,000 of free food from Waitr.