Your default font

What your handwriting says about you


Story by Charli Hueter, staff writer

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Write it down so all letters are on deck for what you’re about to find out. While they may not be that different in meaning, the way that we write these characters is vastly unique to every individual, and it says a lot more about you than you’d think. According to master graphologist Kathi McKnight, your handwriting style can be used to identify over 5,000 personality traits.

Look closely at your letters. They have served you well for many years, and will continue doing so for quite some time. Perhaps now is the day you’ll finally give them the attention they deserve. You can start by noticing your font size. Those with larger handwriting are more likely to be people oriented and extroverted. Smaller letters indicate an introvert and a strong ability to concentrate.

Do your words slant? If not, you are most likely ruled by logic and not so much by emotion. Slanting towards the right indicates that you highly value friends and family, whereas a slant to the left means you might prefer working things over with people and being more self-oriented. Heavy pressure can indicate boldness and quick reaction-times, whereas light pressure personifies the more easy-going person.

If you are logical, methodical and good at making decisions, you probably write with your letters unconnected. For those of you writing semi-cursive even in print, you’re more likely to be intuitive and intelligent.

In life, it’s important to just dot our i’s and cross our t’s sometimes. Dotting your i’s is another good indicator used by graphologists to identify traits. Those of you who still use full circles to dot your i’s are probably artistic, playful and childish. However, using solid dots can mean that you detest clutter and pay attention to detail. Crossing your t’s higher than normal can indicate that you have high goals and self-esteem.

According to my personal handwriting analysis, I am introverted, have strong focus and highly value friends and family. I am also not very emotional, but intelligent and intuitive. Though debatable on the credibility of its scientific nature, graphology can be surprisingly accurate and is useful for medical diagnoses. Whether or not you particularly care about what your default font says about you, it may be important to check up on your style and discover what type of person your writing says you are.