Keep it to yourself

Watch your words, decrease negativity in schools


Brooke Knight

Graphic by Brooke Knight.

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer

Almost every kid in America has heard their mom say those famous words after being scolded for talking about someone in a less-than-pleasant way. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” or something like that.

Yet, in high school it’s as if that ideal disappears and the only thing that fills the halls is the rumors spreading from one student’s mouth to another’s ear. Add that on top of social media and cyberbullying, and highschool is full of toxicity.

Changing that is, in my opinion, an easy fix. It all comes down to remembering the morals instilled in our younger years to get rid of the ignorance so many seem to carry, the judgement amongst peers and to spread kindness.

If everyone treated one another as they wish to be treated, a lesson instilled in most, if not all students at one point,  the environment of school would be more positive and uplifting rather than hurtful to many.

The biggest solution is filtering what you hear and choose to believe, not spreading rumors that may or may not be true and sharing the good without the bad. The rumors that fill these halls come from one student judging another. It’s the judgment that needs to be cast away.

High school is filled with an abundance of unnecessary drama and diverse groups of people who seemingly believe they are superior to their peers. More so, hormone-filled kids roam the halls as they undergo mood swings that would make someone shutter.

A filter needs to be inserted in the ears and mouths of people. If people would watch what they say to others and think about how it could affect the person on the other end, the troubles would potentially disappear. Students need to remember take in information with grains of salt because not all information shared is true.

Social media is probably one of the biggest contributors to the hate that is present today. With students judging what others post, send, like or comment, teens today have coined the term “fake,”a term that is used to describe people on the social media platforms: instagram, snapchat, twitter and even facebook.

We’ve got to get rid of the ignorance and the judgement that occurs in person and behind the screen. As it just tears people down, especially online. It will always be there, serving as a constant reminder of what people think and say about others, wether true or false.

Bring back the mentality and kinder minds that were present in childhood. See each other as equals, be kind to one another and live happier lives.

High school can be a toxic place. There’s no doubting that, but if everyone was more conscious of their words and actions, the toxicity could fade. If everyone lived just a little more positively then all the problems could be fixed, in my opinion. It’s about watching what you say and just being more conscious of one’s actions.