Paint it

Importance of art as a subject


Photo by Sydney Rowe

Many students across the campus have always considered art as nothing more than an extracurricular. However, if was a required core subject, there would be many benefits.

Story by Zoe Rushing, staff writer

For an hour a day students get to let their own individuality and creativity shine through as their own patience and skills are tested. Art can push them to create anything with only their own creativity as the limit. I believe that everybody should take an art class, of their own choosing, at some point in their high school career. 

Mental health

Many students struggle with mental health while also balancing school and home life, but art has been shown to help with mental health. Doing art can relieve stress by being a small distraction and by putting people in a state of flow where they are zoned into an activity.

Art has also been shown to help people suffering from depression or anxiety. When it comes to both mental illnesses, opening up, especially for a student, can be difficult to do. A form of art, where they can put their emotion on their work, can help them understand their own emotions and get others to do the same.

Doesn’t rely on a correct answer

Art is unique in the way work is graded, as well. There isn’t always a wrong or right answer and one of the biggest criteria is effort and attempting. Students don’t always have to do it exactly and can make mistakes which isn’t always possible in other classes.

Stress over tests are also a burden in other classes, but in an art class a test grade is usually a project done over a large strand of time. There are very few nights of anxious studying in these types of classes.

Self expression

Art also gives students a chance to express themselves in a unique sense. It gives students a chance to express who they are and their emotions without having to use words. They can use it as a means to let out their negative emotions in a healthy way. It all depends on the person’s own self and emotions.

Preparation for the future 

Some may not believe it, but art can actually help prepare students for their futures in the working world. Art builds students’ creativity and innovative thinking, both that can be very useful in the working world.  It also opens up students’ ability to take criticism and apply it to their own work for improvement and teaches them time management over long periods of time. 

Focus and concentration

Another skill art can build is the ability to focus and concentrate. As students create, their mind has to be set straight on their project to make the detail, so the more they work in this environment, the better their ability to focus is. 

Art also makes students concentrate, as detailed art pieces don’t appear out of thin air in one night. Students have to concentrate and take their time to make a grand piece and to understand details. Art sharpens the skills of focus and concentration and this bleeds over into their lives.

Art is a unique class and activity that provides a way to express and show yourself in a personal way and it helps lead them into a bigger world. I believe everyone should take art and experience the benefits of the subject for themselves.